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  • lemon and elderflower curd foraging recipe uk

    Bex’s easy-peasy lemon squeezy lemon and elderflower cordial curd

    By Hyggestyle on April 26, 2024

    Home-made lemon curd is so much nicer than shop bought, and this recipe will add a lovely touch of Spring to your sponge cake, ice cream or meringue with the addition of a little elderflower cordial! I’ve always thought of lemon curd as a bit of a fiddle to make, involving lots of messing around with a double boiler etc,

  • butter free victoria sponge recipe made with oil uk

    Quick and easy Victoria sponge

    By Hyggestyle on May 12, 2024

    I am a huge fan of baking recipes using oil instead of butter; not only are they much more economical, cakes made with oil don’t require any hanging around while you wait for the butter to soften, nor is there any of that “trying to find the whisk for your food processer” business so you can cream it together with

  • diy shower steamer sleep insomnia recipe aromatherapy

    Bex’s “Good Night’s Sleep” DIY essential oils shower steamer recipe

    By Hyggestyle on May 9, 2024

    While I am delighted the weather is getting warmer, I do miss the pleasure of sinking into a bath full of essential oils. Our shower steamers are the answer… lots of gorgeous fragrance without sacrificing a tank of hot water! The wonderful thing about a home-made steamer is that you can inhale all those fabulous soothing scents and tailor them

  • how to play danish dice game mia myer meier liars dice

    How to play the Danish dice game “Meier”, (Mire, Mia, Liar’s Dice)

    By Hyggestyle on May 1, 2024

    This is a dice game which seems complicated, but is incredibly good fun, based as it is on bluffing and lying to your friends. Medieval re-enactors particularly enjoy this game around a campfire, when they’ve spent the evening doing the best part of a bottle of mead and reliving their finest bruises.  You will need two playing dice, an opaque

  • 20220421_180314_resized_1

    How to crystallise Spring wildflowers

    By Hyggestyle on April 30, 2024

    Edible flowers add a pretty burst of colour to any bake. Spring flowers may only bloom for a few weeks before the season moves on, so this is a super way to preserve them for use for summer cakes, iced biscuits and celebration puddings. Once thoroughly dried out they should last for up to six months if stored in an