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How to make Danish paper Christmas stars (julestjerner)

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Julestjerner, or Danish paper woven stars, are one of the most iconic of Scandinavian Christmas ornaments, and are very easy to make once you have got the knack. They look wonderful piled up in bowls with a few fairy lights, strewn across your Christmas table, hung on the tree or strung together to make a lovely mobile. We hang a branch from the ceiling and suspend the stars and a few fairy lights from the twigs for an alternative rustic decoration!
Bex’s grandmother taught her to make julestjerner when she was little, and there are a couple of tricks that make folding them SO much easier. Snip the ends off the strips before you start weaving, as it will make the paper slip through the holes, then if the end starts getting bent and ragged, just snip off a little more. If you have never made them, start with the wider strips too, before moving on to the narrower ones as the smaller stars are fiddlier; if your eyesight is good enough you can even make them out of curling ribbon.
Here at Hyggestyle we have everything you need to get started weaving and folding Danish stars, baskets and paper sweetie cones. All our kits come with full instructions, and if you do get stuck, drop us a line and we will do our best to help!
Watch a two minute video on now to make them here…


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