• Danish Rødgrød Med Fløde - red berry pudding with cream

    Danish Rødgrød Med Fløde – red berry pudding with cream

    By Hyggestyle on July 24, 2018

    If, like me, you have been trying to learn Danish since you were about five (watching The Killing with the subtitles off, basically), the one phrase that Danes love making you repeat for their own entertainment is “rødgrød med fløde.” The closest I can get to it phonetically in English is “rurt-th grut-th meth flurth,” and the gruntier you can

  • french yoghurt lemon drizzle cake

    Lazy yoghurt cake with lemon drizzle topping

    By Hyggestyle on July 16, 2018

    In the latest in our series of Recipes That Don’t Need Much Washing Up, we are delighted to introduce the joys of French yoghurt cake. Unbelievably quick and versatile, it uses store cupboard ingredients and is made with no tedious weighing out of ingredients ( and as someone who tends to measure by eye, it has upped my cake success

  • norska hygge scandinavian beauty products group shot

    Introducing our new Norska range!

    By Hyggestyle on July 5, 2018

    Relax your senses and calm your mind with our wonderful new range of Norska hygge bath and body products! With the stress-relieving properties of lavender and rosemary, and the warming spice of citrus and neroli, this gorgeous blend of essential oils is carried across the whole range so you can bathe, moisturise and fragrance your home with the same fabulous

  • swedish easy kladkakka chocolate cake

    Easy Kladkakka recipe – gooey Swedish chocolate cake

    By Hyggestyle on May 4, 2018

    I am a huge fan of cooking with as few utensils and ingredients as possible, so this easy chocolate cake is a winner in our house. The secret to success is to cook it for less time than you think; it should still wobble a little when you take it out from the oven, so that when cooled the inside

  • salmon bake

    Easy smoked salmon, potato and dill bake

    By Hyggestyle on March 16, 2018

    We might have had a brief sneak peek of Spring, but the urge for comfort food hasn’t yet been replaced by craving for some sort of horrific beetroot and alfafa salad (along with a small internal worry about having to wear a swimsuit on a public beach again). This salmon, cream and potato bake ticks all those Sunday Night Supper