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Try our best ever lemonade recipe today!

best ever easy lemonade recipe

Wolf and I have been drinking an awful lot of lemonade recently, in the quest to bring you the perfect refreshing recipe for summer evenings. Many call for making a sugar syrup, steeping overnight or incessant zesting, so this one is fuss-free and can be made instantly the moment the sun comes out! It is worth noting that it is the white pith that makes the drink bitter, so here only half a lemon is pureed, giving it a lovely colour and texture but without any associated harshness.

If you are planning ahead for a picnic or a party, the undiluted mix can be frozen
in ziplock bags until you need it. Makes 4 glasses.

3 unwaxed lemons
2 tablespoons of white caster sugar (50g)
600ml cold water
Small bunch of mint, to garnish

Cut half a lemon into thin slices and set aside as a garnish. Place the second half in a blender, skin, pips and all (although if the pith is very thick, slice it off with a sharp knife and discard). Squeeze in the juice from the remaining lemons.

Add the sugar and 200ml of water and blitz to a puree (I’ve done it quite successfully with one of those soup whizzer sticks), before straining through a coarse sieve. To serve, pour into a jug and top up with either 400ml of water or soda, before garnishing with the lemon and sprigs of mint. Add a touch more sugar if you prefer it sweeter!


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