Our best ever hyggelig hot chocolate recipe

best ever hygge hot chocolate

Ever selfless, my son Wolf and I have been experimenting with lots of different hot chocolate recipes over the last few chilly days, and now, slightly less than two stone heavier, I can bring you our absolute favorite. Unimaginably thick and silky, it has a continental feel to it, reminiscent of dipping churros in sticky chocolate by the Roman amphitheatre in Malaga (and more latterly, at a muddy festival somewhere near Oxford).

Containing as it does two bars of dark chocolate, it is very rich, so we tend to drink it in espresso cups; if you can’t find a fresh churros stall nearby, we have found sponge fingers left over from Christmas a particularly effective substitute for dunking 🙂

The quantities below make enough to fill a 1 litre kilner jar.



2 x 100g bars of dark 70% chocolate

100g icing sugar

100g cocoa

50g cornflour

pinch of sea salt

pinch of cinnamon

Milk, approx 100ml per small serving.



Chill the chocolate bars in the fridge for 20 minutes and then blitz in a food processor. When reduced to a crumb-like texture, add all the other dry ingredients and whizz to combine thoroughly, then tip into a glass storage jar.

To make the hot chocolate, simply pour 100ml of milk per person into a saucepan, and add a large heaped tablespoon of the mixture for each serving. Bring to a simmer and whisk for about five minutes until all the chocolate has melted and the mixture has thickened to a beautiful rich texture. At this point I like to add an extra pinch of cinnamon and a hefty glug of rum (not for the kids!), before serving in little cups or mulled wine beakers.


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