How to make giant bubble mix

giant bubble mix recipe

This is the perfect time of year for blowing giant bubbles; not too much sun, not too hot and the air is damp, so get outside with the kids and enjoy the last of the good weather!

Our bubble mix is easily made with a few store cupboard ingredients. I would add that a)we have found traditional green Fairy liquid the best detergent to use, and b)buy the glycerine from the chemist rather than the supermarket as you get much more for your money.

Once you have made the mix, let it settle for at least an hour, but the longer you leave it the better. We are currently using some I made about a month ago and it is working SO well!

You will need..

6 cups of tap water

1/2  cup of washing up liquid

1/2 cup of cornflour

1tbsp baking powder

1tbsp glycerin


Mix everything together in a bucket or washing up bowl, stirring so the cornflour dissolves. Try not to agitate it too much as little bubbles won’t help your big bubbles.

Now you need to make your bubble wands. At a pinch, use two drinking straws and thread a piece of wool measuring 6 x the length of one straw through both of them, tying in a knot so you have made a giant loop. Dip the straws in the mix and off you go; this one is a good wand for younger kids.

For grownups you are going to want something a little bigger. We cut a garden bamboo in half, then screwed an eyelet into the top of each one. Cut two pieces of wool or thick cotton yarn, one measuring 35cms, and the other 80cms. Tie the short one between the two eyelets, and then the longer one; adding a washer to the bottom of this longer string is quite helpful as it makes it easier to dip, and keeps the line weighted nicely when you are doing huge tubes.

Useful points to remember;

  • Early morning or evening is best for giant bubbles, as the dampness in the air will stop them popping too quickly.
  • The more you make, the better they get; as the string becomes saturated you will find it easier.


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