Get the most from your precious candle!

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Yes, we know it sounds cliched, but there is nothing like the warmth and friendly glow of a lit candle to add a little magic to a room. However there are a few handy hints to ensure you get the best from your

  • Turn the lights down to maximise the effect, as the lower the light, the greater the hygge. 
  • To get the best from your candle, when lighting it for the first time burn long enough for the wax to melt across the whole surface; this will prevent tunnelling, and extend the life of the candle. 
  • Keep the wick trimmed down to about 5mm as well as this should help an even burn and prevent any soot. If your candle has more than one wick, make sure they are all the same length!
  • If you really want to enjoy your candle for as long as possible, don’t blow it out! To extinguish the flame, poke the wick down into the melted wax with a pair of tweezers and then lift it out again; this stops any soot and helps keep the smell pure.
  • Try placing the candle low down in the room, for example in the fireplace rather than on the mantelpiece. The scent will rise, so if your candle is placed higher up you will be losing much of the fragrance.
  • Diffusers can add a wonderful background scent; just turn over one or two of the reeds daily, to keep the fragrance fresh; choose one that matches your favourite candle so that there is no clash of florals over deeper notes!


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