Edible Christmas gifts – marzipan chocolates

home made danish marzipan chocolate sweets

These sumptuous little treats are the perfect after-dinner sweetie, rich and dark with a hint of rum! They are also a great way of using up any marzipan trimmings left after you have iced your Christmas cake; use either shop-bought marzipan, or try our super easy home-made recipe here!


Once again I used the trusty office scales to ensure that all the sweets were the same size, and delegated the task of weighing the marzipan and rolling it into balls to my son and nephew. We found 11g pieces to be just right for popping whole in one’s mouth!



300g marzipan

2 tbsp rum 

75g chopped walnuts

200g dark chocolate

Icing sugar


Mix the marzipan, rum and walnuts together in a bowl and then roll into small balls; if you find the mixture becomes too sticky, just knead through a little icing sugar to firm it up.


Melt the chocolate slowly in a bain marie, and stir until smooth. Now dip the marzipan balls in the chocolate, using two forks to pick them up and place on a wire rack until nearly set. As soon as they are firm (but not hard) remove them with a palette knife and leave on a sheet of greaseproof paper until properly set. (If you leave them on the wire rack too long they will get stuck, says the voice of experience; likewise if you leave them to set straight on the paper they will end up sitting in puddles of chocolate!).


Place in petit four cases for a lovely little home-made gift!



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