“Skov” forest scented Scandinavian hygge candle

“Skov” forest scented Scandinavian hygge candle


All our Hyggestyle candles are exclusively hand made for us by Alchemistress, an artisan aroma blending company specialising in using natural ingredients.

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We all know that the easiest way to add hygge to your home is by lighting a candle and having a little sit down for five minutes, so enjoy the moment and luxuriate with one of our gorgeous aromatherapy scented Hygge candles! Our candles are hand-poured soy wax, for an even burn and constant fragrance (unlike some cheaper versions which use artificial perfumes rather than our bespoke essential oils!).

Skov means ‘forest’ in Danish, and this candle is filled with lots of lovely essential oils to bring a some of those wonderful woodland scents into your life!

There is a dream like quality to these aromas – think of strolling through ancient forest, with essential oils of oakmoss, basil, cedarwood, vetiver, bergamot, pine and patchouli in soy wax.

Our luxury hygge candles are a great way to focus for meditation, mindfulness or even a long hot bath! Beautifully gift boxed, 20 cl glass with a 40 hour burn time.

Aromatic qualities:  green, musky
Psychological:  dreamy, stillness