Orange and Clove large winter spice luxury Christmas massage candle by Klinta Sweden

Orange and Clove large winter spice luxury Christmas massage candle by Klinta Sweden


Candle care tips from our friends at Klinta Sweden

Soya, rapeseed and palm oil (ours is responsibly sourced and accredited), burn differently from cheap paraffin candles, so looking after your Klinta candle will make it last longer!

Never leave a burning candle unattended, or light one near a draught.

Trim the wick to about 6mm before you light the candle, and keep the surface free of debris.

Allow the candle to burn for about an hour or so, or long enough for the surface to melt completely; this help to prevent tunnelling, where the the wax burns unevenly and creates a crater in the wax.

Put the candle out, let it cool for an hour or so and then trim the wick and relight. Don't burn the candle for more than 5 hours at a time, and avoid moving it while the wax is molten.

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Klinta Massage handmade organic candles from Sweden are like no other candle we have tried! Formulated in small batches, they are the height of luxury and fragrance, whilst ticking all those Scandinavian environmentally-friendly boxes! Klinta use sustainably sourced ingredients, ecologically responsible containers and packaging, and are made without artifical colours or petroleum derivatives. Nothing has been tested on animals and all Klinta products are free of parabens.

Our wonderful Klinta Luxury Apelsin & Ingefära (Orange and Clove) Christmas massage candle is the perfect way to add instant hygge to your home in winter. Sun-ripened oranges and dried cloves merge with cinnamon and a pinch of vanilla to give a warm, spicy and utterly seductive aroma.

How to use a Klinta Massage Candle

Light the candle as normal and wait for a few minutes until a pool of oil has formed. Dip your fingers into the organic oil, or pour a little directly on to skin; it won’t be too hot, as the specially formulated recipe keeps the oil at a suitable temperature for massage, at around 55 degrees. Soothe onto dry skin, rub into tired muscles, or just relax and enjoy the warmth and fragrance that only light from a candle can give!

Our candles are 96% organic plant oil, and soya wax is full of vitamin E, making it ideal for softening and smoothing even dry skin